Soldiers effects register

The soldiers effects records are a set of registers which were created to account for the settlement of a man’s estate upon his death. These registers show settlement of a man’s wages but more importantly they show the amount of war gratuity which was paid. It is the war gratuity which can be used to estimate a date of enlistment.

There are two main types of entry in the soldiers effects registers which are of interest to us. These are detailed below:

Type 1 entry
An entry with this stamp indicates that he war gratuity has been paid net of the service gratuity.

Type 2 entry
An entry with this stamp indicates that the war gratuity has been paid gross and no deduction has been made in respect of the service gratuity.

Supplementary gratuities

Some records are marked as ‘supplementary gratuities‘ however this makes no difference to the calculation and should be dealt with as a usual Type 1 or Type 2 record.

The soldiers effects registers are held by the National Army Museum but have recently been digitized by Ancestry (subscription service).

Sample image