Non Regular Officers – War Gratuity

The introduction of the War Gratuity in December 1919 was primarily for Other Ranks however a gratuity system was in also in place for non-regular officers. The rates paid to regular officers on other terms of enlistments were paid under a different scheme.

An officer in receipt of retired pay received 31 days pay for each whole or part year of service.

Other officers received 124 days pay for the first or part of first year of service and 62 days pay for each subsequent whole or part year of service.

Where a man was commissioned from the ranks his gratuity would be calculated separately for each period using the rules which were appropriate to that period of service.

The officers effects records do not break down the officers gratuity in the same way as they do for Other Ranks and therefore they cannot be used in the same way. The records do however show a separate figure in respect of any service in the ranks and this can be used to date service prior to being commissioned.