Nursing Staff – war gratuity

The various nursing organisations which were involved with providing medical services to the military were not initially issued with a war gratuity in the same manner as that given to soldiers (members of the Royal Army Medical Corps received a standard war gratuity).
The announcement of a war gratuity for nursing staff was not made until May 1919 (Army Order 194 of 1919) however not all nursing staff were included .

Repeated questions were asked in Parliament regarding eligibility and it was made clear that there was a difference between those paid for out of army funds and those paid from other funds – generally speaking those paid from army funds were eligible and those who were not weren’t eligible.

Following the repeated questioning a statement was made by Sir A Williamson, Financial Secretary to the War Office,  that  “War gratuities, broadly speaking, are given to commissioned officers and enlisted soldiers, and are not given to the very large numbers of civilians, men and women, who in various ways worked for the Army during the war. An exception to this rule was made in the case of Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service and other staff performing similar duties, for special reasons and in accordance with precedent; but after very full consideration I am not prepared to extend this exception.”

Information regarding the nursing services can be found here.